Sunday, February 01, 2009

A little late for resolutions

Take more photos. Of anything. With transport, should be able to venture further.
Spend more time with family. Because I can't choose them. Especially when spending time with family at home means spending more time with Lulu!
Run/train consistently. Like going to ecp with auntie later today.
Do less "obligatory" stuff - learning to say "no".
Eat less suppers. No suppers would be difficult. Eat less in general.
Take medication regularly.
Drink less. Or not at all, if possible. Alcohol belongs to the "obligatory" stuff category.
Blog less. Which I have been able to. I think angsty and bitter people should continue blogging. I seldom feel that way these days. My blogs have been increasingly mundane.
Learn something this year. Like prawn fishing. Or power boating.

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